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Geografia e cooperazione universitaria a Ngozi (Burundi): donne, cinema africano e rete territoriale

Gamberoni Emanuela
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Geotema N.48/2015

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Geography and university cooperation in Ngozi (Burundi): women, african cinema and territorial networks University cooperation is a relevant subject in development cooperation. Within its actions, health education is one of its traditional activities. This paper deals with the involvement of a geographical approach into a cooperation project oriented to medical formation between an italian (Verona) and a burundian (Ngozi) university. The topic of the cooperation concerns the didactic work in the Bachelor of Arts in Nursing organized by the University of Ngozi. This contribution, although partial since it is based on a work in progress, retraces the essential features of an experience in Ngozi and offers some considerations regarding the relationship between geography and this cooperation. Specifically, geographical perspective and action lead to recognize some needs expressed by the students and the local community, to qualify a didactic space for cultural purposes and to develop, through the African cinema, a possibility for the female students, suffering from inequality conditions as a great part of the burundian and african women, to express and debate on their own problems. New interactions have been established between these students and the women of the territory and networks at different scales are growing. Keywords: Burundi, Cooperation, African cinema, Women, Network.