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Biomass energy, agriculture and sustainability. A case study in the inside hill of Northern Campania

Riggio Andrea De Felice Pierluigi
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Geotema N.52/2016

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Renewable sources of energy could promote local development providing that the planning is sustainable, respectful of issues concerning the environment, the landscape and society. At the same time the plan needs to evaluate the resources of the territory in order to create the basis for an economic development. The aim of this contribution is to offer an analysis based on quantity and quality and suggest a plan for generating energy from biomass in a hilly environment that helps to reveal the riches of the land left by man and time and assigns new values and functions to the territory which needs to be smarter, greener and more inclusive. In the light of the new planning trends and taking into account the European strategic directives, considering the assets of the hilly landscape and of the territorial vocations, this study looks at an area in the province of Caserta located in Northern Campania, where, alongside the potential production of energy from biomass the presence of the Roccamonfi na Volcano offers the region outstanding environmental and territorial value. The move towards renewable sources of energy, if suitably planned in accordance with European standards could be the answer to the social and economic unbalance which still characterizes these realities, by making sure that the values of the ecosystems are preserved and by contributing to the innovation and attractiveness of these hilly areas in terms of occupation and economy. 

Keywords: Energy planning, Biomass, Sustainable development.