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La pratica del golf e lo sviluppo territoriale. Un’analisi multi-scalare

Grumo Rosalina Ivona Antonietta
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Geotema N.54/2017

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The practice of golf and territorial development. A multi-scalar analysis. 

The paper aims to evaluate the importance of geo-spatial sport through the analysis of golf, a practice strongly growing worldwide. In Italy the players are still few compared to other European countries even if, despite the period of crisis, they are trying to encourage the growth and spread of the sport. The geographic interest for golf is connected first of all location factors related to the specific requirements of the sites, the environmental issue and impact of tourist flows which can be activated and the regional economic impact. Starting from the international scene before and Italian then, the contribution will focus on the analysis of golfing facilities in Puglia to assess the ability of integration into the local context and the actions that are being implemented for the promotion and construction of an integrated system with golf reception facilities and residential. For some years, in fact, the tourist offer seasonal adjustment policies have considered the sport, and thus also golf, an opportunity for regional and tourist development through the insertion of Apulia in international sports circuits. 

Keywords: Geography, regional development, tourism, sport, territory.