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La crescita e la trasformazione mediatica di uno storico evento sportivo “caput mundi”. Gli Internazionali d’Italia 2.0

Nicosia Enrico
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Geotema N.54/2017

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The growth and media transformation of a historic sporting event “caput mundi”. The “Internazionali d’Italia” 2.0.

The numbers may not always fully describe a social, cultural, economic or sports phenomenon but certainly are a necessary tool to analyze those events that attract large numbers of spectators and that today have reached an impressive popularity media (television, internet sites, social network). And the numbers of the “Internazionali d’Italia”, show a growing abundance of audience involved directly and indirectly in the presence, led by audiovisual media streaming or time/platform shifting. They also possess a high appeal with extraterritorial area in which they take place, an exceptional location as the Foro Italico sports integrates with the Cultural Heritage. For over ten years the tournament has been successful worldwide tennis and sports in general have become an attractor of sports tourism, namely an economic sector of important significance. This paper will try to emphasize the notoriety that this historic event has achieved in recent years through a quantitative analysis of data concerning sales figures, viewers and thus the total income and the role of media for the growth of the event. 

Keywords: Mediatic Transformation, Growth, Sport Event.