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Storia romana a Pons Drusi (Bolzano): approfondimenti sul sito, un culto e il toponimo tra nuovi reperti e autori latini (Catullo e Orazio, Livio e Svetonio)

Boldrer Francesca
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Rivista Storica dell’Antichità
Rivista Storica dell'Antichità N. L/2020

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Roman history in Pons Drusi (Bolzano): insights on the site, a cult and the toponym among new finds and Latin authors (Catullus and Horace, Livius and Suetonius)

This contribution explores some aspects of Roman history in the Alpine area with attention to Pons Drusi (Bolzano), a centre founded during the expedition of Drusus, stepson of Augustus, in 15 BC, which developed rapidly in contact with the municipia of the former Cisalpine province. By comparing some literary texts (of Horace, Suetonius and other authors) and a recent archaeological discovery, as well as other data, hypotheses are proposed on the cult of Diana in this territory, and on the origins of both the place name and a commemorative monument that emerged there.

Keywords: Pons Drusi, Drusus, Alps, Diana, literary sources.