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Lo stregone, l’incantatore e il sofista. Sulla caratterizzazione di Eros in Plat. Symp. 203b-204a

Bertani Francesco
Articolo Immagine
Eikasmos N. XXXII 2021

Parole Chiave: Symposium, Plato, Diotima, Eros, stregone, indovino, sofista. 

In Plat. Symp. 203d, Diotima describes Eros as a δεινὸς γόης καὶ φαρμακεὺς καὶ σοφιστής. This article aims to show how 1) the attributes which Plato ascribes to sorcerers and sophists in several Dialogues pervade the whole story of Poros and Penia (203b-204a) offering a model on which Eros’ character can be built; 2) such a characterization of Eros determines the characterization of the δαιμόνιος ἀνήρ as a sorcerer (202e-203a) and of Diotima as a wandering diviner and sophist (201d-e, 208b-c); 3) the definition of Eros as a sorcerer, charmer and sophist is polysemic, summing up Eros’ attitude towards the objects of his desire, explaining the lover’s perception of erotic tension, and paving the way for a transition from the tangible to the theoretical, which is necessary for the next stages of Diotima’s speech.

Keywords: Symposium, Plato, Diotima, Eros, sorcerer, charmer, sophist.