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Zerbi Maria Chiara
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Geotema N.47/2015

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Landscape and participation 

The link between landscape and participation of the population has a foundational character inasmuch as the landscapes inherited from the past are the result of a collective construction of human societies, which have transformed the environment in a process of progressive adaptation to their needs. And, nowadays, faced with the problems of landscape homologation, citizens are asked to participate, on the basis of European Landscape Convention (2000), in the definition of the characters of their framework of life. To make this right effective it is necessary, therefore, an appropriate sensitising of the population in order to achieve awareness of the active role that they can still do. This requires a specific educational commitment as well as some experimentation regarding the ways the public can participate. This paper intends to offer a contribution in two directions: presenting an example of public participation during the phases of knowledge and of creation of a development project in rural context; and a study, based on media representations, of the aspirations of the citizens towards their urban landscape.

Keywords: Landscape Project, Public Participation, Awareness-Raising on Landscape, Rural Landscape, Urban Landscape.