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Perspectives and role of agriculture in the contest of current worldwide crisis

Marino Maria Patrizia
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Geotema N.52/2016

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Common Agricultural Policy has kept fundamentally a supporting role to the farming productions in the several Countries in order to improve competitive capacity on international market but also to support the working position of human resources and guarantee the anthropic and environmental dimension of territories. In the light of the fact that the worldwide fi nancial crisis widened to the real economy causing a block of manufacturing system already damaged by competition from emerging Economies (BRICS), Agriculture could represent an important economic sector able to lead the reconstruction on the basis of a new model founded on centrality of Agriculture and economic recovery of human dimension. Currently, in Italy Agriculture has an incidence on territorial GDP from 3-4% to 9-10% depending on the different considered regions, so that it has yet huge margin of growth and therefore it could represent a reserve for the development for an integrated economic system: territory with environment, agriculture, food processing products, creativity and culture. 

Keywords: Agriculture, Current worldwide crisis, Territorial development.