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Some peculiarities of creation (updating) of digital topographic maps for the seamless topographic database of the Main State Topographic Map in Ukraine

Lazorenko-Hevel Nadiia Karpinskyi Yurii Kin Danylo
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GEAM N. 162/2021

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The article examines the peculiarities of creation (updating) digital topographic maps of the scale 1:50 000 for the Main State Topographic Map of Ukraine for creation and maintaining the seamless topographic database for national needs, which is located on the Geoportal to ensure the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in Ukraine. Several special problems were identified along with the implementation of standard processes of vectorization of topographic maps, the solution of which helped to increase the intellectual level of the data, efficiency of production process management and automation of quality control. The peculiarities were proposed by the authors: creation virtual features that do not belong to the real world, such as watercourses, blocks, boundaries of settlements; development of the Geoportal project monitoring and support system for automation of the production process and exchange of information between project participants; implementation of automated quality control of digital topographic maps.

Keywords: National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), topographic mapping, Main State Topographic Map, seamless topographic database, quality control.