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Occupational and environmental safety of fluids in chainsaw operations: a review

Clerico Marina Mastromatteo Nicole Gallione Davide Vaccaro Vincenzo
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GEAM N. 169/2023

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The objective of this review is to analyse the risks associated with the use of fluids in chainsaws operations, comparing traditional and eco-friendly materials. We chose to investigate operations involving the use of portable equipment, particularly those that still use internal combustion engines. Indeed, they pose a high risk to operators due to their proximity to the machine. The scientific literature concerning fuel mixtures and chain oils was studied. Correlating the examined activities, equipment and machines and their materials, the risks associated with the use of standard and alkylate fuels and mineral and vegetable chain oils in relation to their use in chainsaw operations were analysed. The risks depend on the use of the fluids in the different work phases. In the liquid state of the fuel, the absence of benzene in alkylate fuels clearly reduces the carcinogenic risk. In combustion products, the literature review shows that, in the case of 2-stroke engines, the emissions of alkylate fuels are lower than those of conventional fuels for most compounds; on the other hand, the concentrations of PM and formaldehyde do not decrease when alkylate fuels are used. The literature analysis also shows that the adoption of vegetable chain oils is an improvement.

Keywords: occupational safety, environmental safety, chainsaw operations, eco-friendly fluids, alkylate gasoline, literature review.