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Some considerations on the effectiveness of tunnel face reinforcements evaluated by three dimensional numerical modeling

Oss. A. Fuoco Stefano
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Gallerie e grandi opere sotterranee N.108/2013

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This paper deals with a series of three-dimensional numerical analyses performing with FLAC3D and ANSYS Codes to model the 3D-behavior of unreinforced and reinforced tunnel face under different constitutive laws of the considered materials and with anisotropic initial state of stress. The effects on the tunnel face by some reinforcements are evaluated: the fibre-glass nails inserted on the face, jet-grouting and forepolings on the boundaries of tunnel. For the fibre-glass nails the results consist of the stress-strain paths of significant elements around the tunnel transversal section versus the excavation phases, the plastic zones in front of the face and around the tunnel and the stress acting in the bars. The results of the present analyses shown the effectiveness of the reinforced tunnel face with fibre-glass nails. For jet-grouting and the forepolings are performed some sensitivity analyses to underline the differences on the response. The results consist of the stress-strain paths of significant elements around the tunnel, the construction the convergence’s curves and the subsidence’s curves to evaluate the response on the face in shallow tunnels. The studies shown interesting results expecially on the relevant effectiveness of the reinforcement systems.